Broadcasting Act 1989

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79 Allocation decision


The Electoral Commission’s decision on how the money referred to in section 74 is to be allocated to parties—


must set out the allocations (which must be in any proportions that the Electoral Commission thinks fit); and


may include conditions as to the manner in which a party is to spend its allocation.


An allocation may be made to a group of related parties.


An allocation may not be made to an individual party if that party is to receive an allocation as part of a group of related parties.


A condition included in a decision under subsection (1)(b) may require a party to advise the Electoral Commission of the value of election programme bookings made by the party.


If the Electoral Commission decides to allocate money to a party, the Electoral Commission must give a copy of its decision to—


the party secretary; and


the Secretary for Justice.


A decision under this section may be made—


before the beginning of the relevant election period; or


during the relevant election period.

Compare: 1989 No 25 ss 74A(2)–(5), 75(3)

Section 79: replaced, on 21 March 2017, by section 4 of the Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 8).