Constitution Act 1986

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Reprint as at 17 May 2005

Constitution Act 1986

Public Act1986 No 114
Date of assent13 December 1986
Commencementsee section 1(2)


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

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1 Short Title and commencement

Part 1
The Sovereign

2 Head of State

3 Exercise of royal powers by the Sovereign or the Governor-General

3A Advice and consent of Executive Council

3B Exercise of powers and duties by Administrator

4 Regency

5 Demise of the Crown

Part 2
The Executive

6 Ministers of Crown to be members of Parliament

7 Power of member of Executive Council to exercise Minister's powers

8 Appointment of Parliamentary Under-Secretaries

9 Functions of Parliamentary Under-Secretaries

9A Solicitor-General may perform functions of Attorney-General

9B Appointment of person to act in place of Solicitor-General

9C Delegation of powers of Attorney-General and Solicitor-General

Part 3
The Legislature

The House of Representatives

10 House of Representatives

11 Oath of allegiance to be taken by members of Parliament

12 Election of Speaker

13 Speaker to continue in office notwithstanding dissolution or expiration of Parliament


14 Parliament

15 Power of Parliament to make laws

16 Royal assent to Bills

17 Term of Parliament

18 Summoning, proroguing, and dissolution of Parliament

19 First meeting of Parliament after general election

20 Lapse or reinstatement of parliamentary business

Parliament and public finance

21 Bills appropriating public money [Repealed]

22 Parliamentary control of public finance

Part 4
The Judiciary

23 Protection of Judges against removal from office

24 Salaries of Judges not to be reduced

Part 5
Miscellaneous provisions

25 General Assembly Library to be known as the Parliamentary Library

26 United Kingdom enactments ceasing to have effect as part of the law of New Zealand

27 Consequential amendments to other enactments

28 Repeals

29 Transitional and consequential provisions relating to Parliament

Schedule 1
Consequential amendments

Schedule 2
Enactments repealed

Reprint notes

An Act to reform the constitutional law of New Zealand, to bring together into one enactment certain provisions of constitutional significance, and to provide that the New Zealand Constitution Act 1852 of the Parliament of the United Kingdom shall cease to have effect as part of the law of New Zealand