53 Expiration of provisions relating to Information Authority

As from the close of 30 June 1988—


the following provisions of this Act, namely,—


the definition of the term Authority in section 2(1); and


Part 6; and


paragraph (a) of section 47; and


shall expire; and


section 11(1)(a) shall be amended by omitting the words “or the Authority”; and


the Authority shall be dissolved; and


all real and personal property belonging to the Authority shall become vested in the Crown; and


all money payable to the Authority shall become payable to the Crown; and


all liabilities, contracts, and engagements, and all rights and authorities of any nature whatever of the Authority shall become liabilities, contracts, engagements, rights, and authorities of the Crown; and


all proceedings pending by or against the Authority may be carried on, completed, or enforced by or against the Crown.