Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2017

47 Circulars


The chief executive may issue, amend, or revoke circulars for 1 or more of the following purposes:


specifying the manner and form in which a report must be completed, including—


whether types of fish must be identified by species or fishstock:


how locations must be identified (for example, by latitude and longitude):


the units of measurement that must be used:


the relevant categories for certain information (for example, the relevant processed states of fish):


the codes that must be used (for example, destination type codes and codes for fishstocks):


limits on the number of items that must be recorded (for example, the number of types of fish):


the identifying information required by regulation 14(2)(b), 20(2)(b), or 36:


specifying additional information that relates to the subject matter of a report under Part 1 and must be recorded in it:


specifying technical requirements for electronic reporting, including requirements relating to—


the devices used to complete and provide reports:


the software used to complete and provide reports:


the computer file format of reports:


the encryption and security of files containing reports:


specifying non-fish species or declaring protected fish species for the purposes of regulation 8(1)(a) or (b):


specifying, for the purposes of regulation 9(1)(b),—


kinds of fishing operations; and


vessels of a size and class:


specifying destination type codes for the purposes of regulation 14(3)(a).


Before issuing, amending, or revoking a circular, the chief executive must consult, to the extent practicable, any persons considered by the chief executive to be representative of the classes of persons likely to be substantially affected by the circular.


The chief executive must publish, on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of the Ministry,—


notice of the issue, amendment, or revocation of a circular; and


an up-to-date version of the circular.

Regulation 47(1)(e): replaced, on 10 January 2019, by regulation 22 of the Fisheries (Reporting) Amendment Regulations 2018 (LI 2018/259).