Health and Safety at Work (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2016

24 Renotification if quantity of specified hazardous substances increases


This regulation applies to a facility or a proposed facility in relation to which—


notification was given under regulation 12 or 13; and




has not conducted a review under regulation 16; or


on conducting a review, has not designated the facility as an upper tier major hazard facility under regulation 20.


The operator of a facility or proposed facility must renotify WorkSafe in accordance with regulation 12 or 13 if the quantity of specified hazardous substances that are present or likely to be present at the facility or proposed facility increases, or is likely to increase, to a level that exceeds the level previously notified to WorkSafe.


A person who contravenes subclause (2) commits an offence and is liable on conviction,—


for an individual, to a fine not exceeding $6,000:


for any other person, to a fine not exceeding $30,000.

Compare: Model Work Health and Safety Regulations (Aust) r 547