Patents Regulations 2014

Part 3
Process for obtaining grant of patent and other matters

Subpart 1Patent applications and specifications

Patent applications

50 Application for patent
  • (1) The prescribed manner for making a patent application is as follows:

    • (a) the application must be made in accordance with Part 1; and

    • (b) an application must contain, or be accompanied by, the following information:

      • (i) the name and address of each applicant; and

      • (ii) the nationality or principal place of business of each applicant; and

      • (iii) the title of the invention that is the subject of the application; and

      • (iv) the name and address of each inventor; and

      • (v) an abstract, if the application is accompanied by a complete specification.

    (2) If the name, address, nationality, or principal place of business of an applicant changes from that notified, the applicant must give the Commissioner a notice of the change as soon as practicable after the change occurs.

    Compare: SR 1954/211 r 19, Schedule 2 forms 1, 3