Inland Revenue Department (Drafting) Order 1995

2 Authority to draft Government Bills
  • (1) Subject to subclause (2), the Inland Revenue Department is hereby authorised to draft such Government Bills (being Bills intended to become Acts administered by that Department) as the Minister of the Crown who is responsible for that Department may direct to be prepared for the consideration of Parliament, and such amendments of such drafts as may from time to time be required by that Minister during the passage of such Bills in Parliament.

    (2) The authority conferred by subclause (1) does not apply in relation to any Government Bill to the extent that any such Bill amends, or consolidates and amends,—

    • (b) any Act not administered by the Inland Revenue Department.

    Clause 2(2)(a): amended, on 1 April 2012, by section 224 of the Student Loan Scheme Act 2011 (2011 No 62).