Building Regulations 1992

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  • Note: The building code can be found in Schedule 1 of these regulations, and is in force. See regulation 8 of the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004 for information about the revocation of the rest of these regulations.
3 Building code


In accordance with Part 6 of the Act, the Building code shall be the building code set out in Schedule 1 to these regulations.


Except as otherwise provided by the Act, each building shall achieve the performance criteria specified in the building code for the classified use of that building, and, if the building has more than one classified use, any part of it used for more than one classified use shall achieve the performance criteria for each such classified use.


The classified use or uses of a building or part of a building shall be the ones that most closely correspond to the intended use or uses of that building or part of that building.

These Regulations were revoked, as from 31 March 2005, by regulation 8(1) Building (Forms) Regulations 2004 (SR 2004/385). See regulation 8(2)(a) of those Regulations as to regulation 3 and Schedule 1 of these Regulations continuing in force.