Statutes Amendment Act 2019

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Statutes Amendment Act 2019

Public Act
2019 No 56
Date of assent
23 October 2019
see section 2


3Principal Act
4Section 38 amended (Prohibition on false customer names and customer anonymity)
5Section 140 amended (Power to use and disclose information supplied or obtained under other enactments for AML/CFT purposes)
6Principal Act
7Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
8Section 200T replaced (Record of proceedings not to be disclosed)
200T Record of proceedings not to be disclosed
9Principal Act
10Section 344 amended (Composition of Board)
11Section 345 amended (Criteria for appointment)
12Schedule 3 amended
13Principal Act
14Section 29B replaced (Financial statements must be audited)
15Principal Act
16Section 49 amended (Composition of board)
17Section 50 amended (Criteria for appointment)
18Section 58 replaced (Council to publish reports)
58Council to publish reports
19Schedule 1 amended
20Principal Act
21Section 7 amended (Citizenship by descent)
22Principal Act
23Section 3 amended (Public notice)
24Section 324 amended (Property of company removed from register)
25Principal Act
26Section 336 amended (Wharf owner or warehouse owner may sell goods by public auction after 90 days)
27Principal Act
28Section 49 amended (Judge may grant bail pending trial)
29Section 82 amended (Registrar may delegate functions, duties, or powers to clerk or other officer of Court Martial)
30Principal Act
31Section 215 amended (Right of appeal by prosecutor or defendant against certain pre-trial evidential decisions in Judge-alone case)
32Section 375 amended (Conviction not to be recorded for infringement offences)
33Principal Act
34Section 82 amended (Discharge of assets forfeiture order by Official Assignee)
35Section 83 amended (Discharge of profit forfeiture order by Official Assignee)
36Section 85 amended (Discharge of instrument forfeiture order by Official Assignee)
37Principal Act
38Section 182 repealed (Existing members exempt from qualification requirements)
39Section 183 repealed (Term of office of existing members other than ex officio members)
40Section 184 repealed (Term of office of existing ex officio members)
41Section 186 amended (Continuation of existing board committees)
42Section 195 repealed (Existing bank accounts)
43Section 196 repealed (Existing law on securities, borrowing, guarantees, indemnities, and derivative transactions continues to apply until 1 April 2005)
44Principal Act
45Section 49 amended (Rehearings)
46Principal Act
47Section 34 replaced (Remuneration of Chief District Court Judge, principal Judges, and permanent Judges)
34Remuneration of Judges
48Section 35 amended (Remuneration of part-time or acting Judge)
49Section 60 amended (Remuneration of Chief Community Magistrate and Community Magistrates)
50Section 187 amended (Charging order in respect of land expires after 2 years)
51Section 214 amended (Grounds for making section 213 order)
52Principal Act
53Schedule 2 amended
54Principal Act
55Section 3 amended (Constitution of Board)
56Section 10 amended (Extraordinary vacancies on Board and Committee)
57New sections 10A to 10E and cross-heading inserted
10ABoard to prepare annual report
10BForm and content of annual report
10CBoard to give annual report to Minister
10DBoard to publish reports
10EAnnual reports to be presented to House of Representatives
58Principal Act
59Section 26A repealed (Power to amend Schedule 2A)
60Principal Act
61Section 289 amended (Publish privileged statements)
62Principal Act
63Section 95 amended (Annual subsidies up to 1 July 1991 from Government and from funds or accounts out of which contributors’ salaries are paid)
64Principal Act
65Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
66Section 172 amended (Minister may cancel or suspend liability for deportation)
67New section 173A inserted (Person may defer lodging appeal against liability for deportation)
173APerson may defer lodging appeal against liability for deportation
68Section 214 amended (Effect of suspension on appeal)
69Section 236 amended (Appeals against deportation liability where person serving prison sentence)
70Principal Act
71Section 53 amended (Suspension of licence pending outcome of complaint)
72Principal Act
73Schedule 3 amended
74Principal Act
75Section 4 (Interpretation)
76Section 9 repealed (Prescribed offences)
77Section 18 (Conditions on grant of legal aid)
78Section 21 amended (Amount of repayment payable)
79Section 114 amended (Regulations)
80Principal Act
81Section 6 amended (Interpretation)
82Section 24 amended (Persons disqualified from registration: individuals)
83Section 25 amended (Persons disqualified from registration: companies)
84Sections 148 to 156 and cross-headings repealed
85Sections 158 to 161 repealed
86Section 163 and cross-heading repealed
87Consequential amendments to Motor Vehicle Sales Regulations 2003
88Consequential revocation
89Principal Act
90New section 2A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
91Section 19 amended (General powers of Commission)
92Section 35 amended (Application of other enactments)
93New Schedule 1AA inserted
94Schedule amended
95Principal Act
96Section 11 amended (Execution of documents by attorney)
97Principal Act
98New section 59B inserted (Fund investment vehicles not required to prepare statements or annual reports)
59BFund investment vehicles not required to prepare statements or annual reports
99Principal Act
100Section 22 amended (Right of access to internal rules affecting decisions)
101Principal Act
102Schedule 1 amended
103Principal Act
104Section 10 amended (General Manager of Parliamentary Service)
105Consequential amendments to instruments
106Consequential amendments to legislation
107Principal Act
108Section 135 amended (Term of office)
109Section 153 replaced (Board to publish reports)
153Board to publish reports
110Section 154 amended (Annual reports to be presented to House of Representatives)
111Principal Act
112Section 18 amended (Secretary deducts money for legal aid, reparation, and earlier orders, then pays surplus into account)
113Principal Act
114Section 15C amended (End-of-year performance information requirements)
115New subpart 1A of Part 5 inserted
45LAEnd-of-year performance information for newly established performance reporters
116Section 45O amended (Special provisions relating to Reserves Boards)
117Schedule 4 amended
118Principal Act
119Section 93 amended (Power of Committee to make orders)
120Principal Act
121Section 52 amended (Composition of Board)
122Section 53 amended (Criteria for appointment)
123Schedule amended
124Principal Act
125Section 32 amended (Requirements for preparing and publishing evaluation reports)
126Section 48 amended (Public notification of proposal for national direction and inquiry)
127Section 58L amended (Definitions)
128Section 58R amended (Contents of Mana Whakahono a Rohe)
129Section 87B amended (Certain activities to be treated as discretionary activities or prohibited activities)
130Section 360 amended (Regulations)
131Schedule 1 amended
132Amendment to Resource Management Amendment Act 2005
133Principal Act
134Section 136 amended (Temporary authorities: on-licences and off-licences)
135Principal Act
136Section 51 amended (Pawnbrokers record)
137Section 57 amended (Redemption price)
138Principal Act
139Section 63 amended (Appointment of Registrar, Deputy Registrar, and other officers of Court of Appeal)
140Section 64 amended (Powers of Registrar and Deputy Registrar)
141Section 135 amended (Salaries and allowances of permanent Judges and Associate Judges)
142Section 137 amended (Salaries and allowances of acting Judges)
143Principal Act
144Schedule 1 amended
145Principal Act
146Section 31 repealed (Review of Ombudsmen Act 1975 and Official Information Act 1982 in relation to State enterprises)
147Section 33 and Schedule 6 repealed
148Principal Act
149Section 38 amended (Conditions of employment of chief executives)
150Section 61A amended (Restriction of redundancy payments in certain situations)
151Section 74AB amended (Boards of Trustees indemnified by Commissioner)
152Principal Act
153Section 21 amended (Procedure for infringement offences)
154New section 21B inserted (Requirements for infringement notices regarding payment method)
21BRequirements for infringement notices regarding payment method
155Section 78B amended (Power to correct irregularities in proceedings for infringement offences)
156Principal Act
157Section 5 amended (Outline)
158Section 11 amended (Interpretation)
159Section 19 amended (Timing of actions or matters)
160Section 21 amended (Reserve status revoked)
161Section 29 amended (Registration of ownership)
162Section 33 amended (Existing structures on Te Arawa lakebeds)
163Section 36 amended (Existing commercial activities)
164Section 41 amended (New commercial activities and new structures require written consent of Trustees)
165Section 45 amended (Liability for rates)
166Section 46 amended (Liability of public utility authority for rates assessed)
167Section 59 amended (Interpretation)
168Schedule 1 amended
169Schedule 3 amended
170Principal Act
171Section 44 amended (Nature of suspicious property report)
172Principal Act
173Section 7 amended (Interpretation)
174Section 31 amended (Indexation of certain entitlements in relation to New Zealand Consumers Price Index)
175Section 271 amended (Offence not to provide earnings information to VANZ)
176Schedule 1 amended
177Principal Act
178Long Title repealed
179New section 1A inserted (Purpose)
180Section 13 amended (Functions and powers of Board)
181Section 18 amended (Authorised expenditure)
182Section 24 amended (Travelling allowances)
183Section 25 amended (Unauthorised expenditure)
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