219 Procedure for making regulations relating to definitions, exclusions, or exemptions


The Minister must, before making a recommendation in relation to a provision referred to in subsection (2),—


have regard to the purpose of this Act set out in section 3; and


be satisfied that the extent to which any definitions are modified, or any requirements are modified, exempted, excluded, or applied (as the case may be) is not broader than is reasonably necessary to address the matters that gave rise to the proposed regulations.


The provisions are—


section 12 (which relates to the application of this Act to prescribed high-risk plant):


section 17 (which defines person conducting a business or undertaking):


section 19 (which defines worker):


section 21 (which defines supply):


section 23 (which defines notifiable injury or illness):


section 24 (which defines notifiable incident):


section 37 (which relates to the duty of a PCBU who manages or controls a workplace):


section 38 (which relates to the duty of a PCBU who manages or controls fixtures, fittings, or plant at a workplace):


section 55 (which relates to the duty to preserve sites):


section 211(1)(q) (which authorises regulations prescribing exemptions from compliance with regulations):


section 213 (which authorises regulations relating to exemptions in respect of the Armed Forces).