14 Requirements for accreditation

To qualify for accreditation, a product stewardship scheme must—


identify the scheme manager:


provide a description of the scope of the scheme, including the product or brand of product to which it applies:




measurable waste minimisation, treatment, or disposal objectives for the product; and


time frames for meeting the objectives:


list the classes of person involved in the design, manufacture, sale, use, servicing, collection, recovery, recycling, treatment, and disposal of the product:


list the persons who have agreed to participate in the scheme and assign responsibility to them for meeting the scheme’s objectives:


specify the arrangements for—


making decisions under the scheme:


the control and overall operation of the scheme:


keeping records and making reports under the scheme:


specify the scheme’s expiry date:


identify the processes for compliance and enforcement of any agreements between participants to the scheme:


provide for assessing the scheme’s performance and for reporting on its performance to the Minister:


set out a strategy for publication of the scheme:


set out how information will be provided to purchasers, users, and handlers of the product to which the scheme relates:


clearly outline how the scheme is to be funded.