56 Decision of Minister
  • (1) The Minister may allow or disallow the appeal, in whole or in part.

    (2) Before the Minister makes a decision under subsection (1), the Minister must—

    • (a) consult with the responsible Minister of the controlling public office that has lodged the appeal; and

    • (b) have regard to the recommendations of the Archives Council.

    (3) The Minister must—

    • (a) give written notice of the decision, with reasons, to—

      • (i) the administrative head of the controlling public office; and

      • (ii) the Chief Archivist; and

      • (iii) the Archives Council; and

    • (b) give public notice of the decision by notice in the Gazette.

    (4) The decision of the Minister is final and binds the Chief Archivist and the controlling public office.