Subpart 3Standards, inspection, reporting, and audit

27 Standards
  • (1) The Chief Archivist—

    • (a) may issue standards in relation to public records or local authority records for—

      • (i) their creation, maintenance, or management:

      • (ii) their appraisal for disposal:

      • (iii) the provision of access to them; and

    • (b) may review, amend, or revoke any standards referred to in paragraph (a); and

    • (c) must state, in relation to each standard,—

      • (i) the public office, class of public office, approved repository, or local authority to which the standard applies; and

      • (ii) whether compliance is mandatory or discretionary.

    (2) Before issuing a mandatory standard, the Chief Archivist must make a copy of the draft standard available to, and have a process in place for consulting with, every public office, approved repository, local authority, or other person to which the Chief Archivist considers that the proposed standard will apply, and to any other interested person.

    (3) The Chief Archivist must ensure that every standard issued under this section is published in a manner that the Chief Archivist considers appropriate.