Approved repositories

26 Approval of repositories
  • (1) The Minister may, on the advice of the Archives Council, given on the recommendation of the Chief Archivist,—

    • (a) approve a relevant body (such as a museum, a library, another archive, or an iwi-based or hapu-based repository) as an approved repository where public archives may be deposited for safekeeping:

    • (b) amend or revoke that approval.

    (2) The Chief Archivist may,—

    • (a) at any time after giving reasonable notice, inspect an approved repository:

    • (b) with the agreement of the administrative head of the controlling public office and the consent of the approved repository, deposit public archives in an approved repository:

    • (c) impose standards or conditions on, or issue instructions to, an approved repository for the purpose of ensuring that—

      • (i) the Crown’s interests in the public archives are preserved:

      • (ii) the public archives are properly maintained:

      • (iii) appropriate public access to the public archives is maintained:

    • (d) direct an approved repository to transfer public archives to the possession of Archives New Zealand, another approved repository, or the controlling public office.