Care of Children Act 2004

136 Court may hear person on child’s cultural background


A party to proceedings under this Act that appear likely to proceed to a hearing may, before a date is set for a hearing of the proceedings, ask the court to hear a person to speak on—


the child’s cultural background; and


any aspects of the particular child’s cultural background that may be relevant to a matter in issue in the proceedings.


Without limiting any other powers of the court to adjourn, the court may adjourn the proceedings to enable arrangements to be made to hear a person or persons under this section.


Despite subsection (1), if no party makes a request under this section, the court may, at any time during the proceedings, suggest to a party to the proceedings that it may be of assistance to the court to hear a person or persons called by the party on any of the matters specified in subsection (1).

Compare: 2002 No 9 s 27(1), (4), (5)