Schedule 3 Reorganisation of local authorities

s 24

Schedule 3: replaced, on 5 December 2012, by section 36 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2012 (2012 No 93).


3Who may make reorganisation application
4Prohibition on making certain reorganisation applications
5Contents of reorganisation application
6Action on receipt of application
7When Commission may decline to assess reorganisation application
8Community support
9Commission to seek alternative applications
10Alternative applications
11Commission to determine preferred option
12Promotion of good local government
13Procedure after preferred option determined
14Development of proposal
15Local boards
17Appropriate boundaries
20Consultation on proposal
21Decisions on draft proposals
22Notification of final proposal
23Application of this subpart
24Petition to require poll
25Poll to be held
26Timing of poll
27Official result of poll
28Fate of proposal after poll
30Advertising in relation to polls
31Provision of referential information
32Authorisation of advertising
34Establishment and purpose of transition body
35Composition and membership of transition body
36Roles and functions of transition body
37Accountability arrangements for transition body
38Appointment of interim chief executive
39Interim chief executive may appoint staff, enter into contracts, and call first meeting of local authority
40Apportionment of transition costs
41Preparation of reorganisation scheme
42Provisions for inclusion in reorganisation schemes
42AContent of reorganisation schemes in respect of local boards
43Provisions to be included if necessary or desirable
45Provisions that apply to reorganisation scheme unless modified or excluded
47No compensation payable if responsibility transferred
48Payment if trading undertaking transferred
50KiwiSaver Act 2006 does not apply to transferred employee
51Certain matters not affected by transfer of responsibilities, duties, or powers
53Apportionment of assets and liabilities
54Apportionment of fuel tax revenue