Part 15 Approval of arrangements, amalgamations, and compromises by court

235 Interpretation

In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires,—

arrangement includes a reorganisation of the share capital of a company by the consolidation of shares of different classes, or by the division of shares into shares of different classes, or by both those methods

company means—


a company within the meaning of section 2:


an overseas company that is registered on the overseas register:


an association that may be put into liquidation under section 17A of the Judicature Act 1908

creditor includes—


a person who, in a liquidation, would be entitled to claim in accordance with section 303 that a debt is owing to that person by the company; and


a secured creditor.

Section 235 creditor: replaced, on 1 July 1994, by section 29 of the Companies Act 1993 Amendment Act 1994 (1994 No 6).